A Simple Fall Bucket List


Here I go again with this autumn ‘stuff.’ There are some hilarious memes out there, making fun of how fall is every white girl’s favorite season; maybe it’s true! But it really is the most wonderful time of the year, to me. The crunch of the leaves under my feet, the perfect temperatures, and all the family-centered fun. In our house, it also means football!

Having a toddler makes me love this time of year even more, so I thought I’d create a short bucket list of things I’d like to do with our little family this season. And you certainly don’t need kids to have a blast doing these activities!

  1. Trick-or-treat
  2. Go apple picking
  3. Make apple stamp art
  4. Visit a local farm or homestead
  5. Make homemade butternut squash soup
  6. Go on a fall hike in the mountains
  7. Make butterbeer (Most available recipes are ‘virgin,’ so the kids can enjoy a mug too!)

Read the rest of the list HERE!

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