5 Ways to Make and Save a Little Cash

5 Ways to Make and Save a Little Cash

How many of you are stay-at-home moms? How many of you raised your hand only to realize no one could actually see you? (Heh) Well, this one is for all of you SAH moms (and everyone else!) looking to boost your income.

The first few months after leaving work to stay home, I felt guilty about spending any money since I wasn’t bringing anything in. Hubby could have cared less, but I just didn’t feel right. Eventually, I got tired of the constant self-imposed guilt and decided to find ways, no matter how small, to contribute to our finances. I wanted to share what I’ve learned, so I put together a list five ways I’ve found to make and save money.

1) Follow saving blogs/websites. My favorite is Money Saving Mom. I love Crystal Paine’s upbeat attitude and commitment to helping others become “home economists.” Most of these types of blogs/websites have Facebook pages as well. I find that is the best way to stay up to date with deals. Some of my other faves are: Be Centsable, Raining Hot Coupons, and The Krazy Coupon Lady.

2)Facebook yard sale pages. I am a member of two different yard sale pages and I love it. Not only have I made extra cash just getting rid of things we don’t use anymore, I’ve also found some awesome deals. I have found that buying everything brand new is overrated (and over priced!). These pages are becoming really popular so look for one in your area!

3) Ibotta. Ibotta is an app that has recently found popularity. You can earn cash for buying products that are featured on the app. Check out the website or App Store for more info. (Available for iPhone and Android)

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