How to Be a Fit Oilfield Mom

The husband leaves for work and with him goes all my desire and motivation to go to the gym. Wait, who am I kidding? I haven’t been to the gym since May! At first, I blamed it on summer and having the kids home, which is totally dumb because my older two are old enough to babysit the younger two. Then, in June, we received our first foster care placement -a little baby girl- and there is a law that any caretaker for foster children must be over the age of 18. Well, crap. I sure as hell can’t go to the gym now! {Only I can. Hello, child watch.} The point is I don’t HAVE to go to the gym to workout. There are plenty of things I can be doing from home, or with the baby by my side. No excuses, ladies. I’ll do this if you will.

How about walking? We can stick the kids in a stroller and move our legs, at any time that works. Or running? Maybe you have dreams of running, but no idea how to start?

How about a FREE 6-week bootcamp class? No special equipment needed, just some running shoes and motivation.

Also at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, we offer monthly fitness calendars to tighten and tone specific parts of the body. They are fun and can be used to supplement your current fitness regimen or to help get you up off of the couch!

Workout DVDs and Fitness Video Games are another great option for those of us with wee ones at home. Some of my faves?

At Shrinking Kitchen, we can help you with the eating right part of things! Every single week, we create a new menu plan featuring healthy dinners for every night of the week. WIN!

Weekly Menu Plans With Grocery List

How do you incorporate working out and your health into your busy oilfield mommy lifestyle? Please share!

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