12 Ways to Survive When You and Your Man Are Butting Heads

As oilfield wives, we have a different sort of lifestyle than most people are used to. We are alone for days, weeks, or even months on end. You know what that means… aside from watching soap operas, eating truffles, not shaving our legs and shopping online, of course. It means we do things OUR WAY. We make our own decisions, we clean the house when we want to, make what we want for supper; basically, we are doing the things the way they are meant to be the way we want them done. At the other end of the oilfield universe, our husbands are doing the same thing. Well, probably not cleaning, and you might want to substitute Pawn Stars for the soap operas, but they are doing things THEIR WAY. And it’s probably not our way.

Often times, our ways collide on days off and it’s not pretty. Once you add in the changes in sleep routines and the readjustment period of having another adult human around 24 hours a day, you are guaranteed to at least have a scuffle or two. There is the slim possibility that you are sitting here wondering what the hell I am talking about, because you and your oilfield man always get along fantastically. In that case, carry on. Go about your day and keep doing what you are doing {and tell us your secrets!}. If you find yourself nodding your head and yelling out, “Amen, Sister!”, read on. We can and will get through this.

12 Ways to Survive When You and Your Husband Are Butting Heads

Bitch About It On Our Facebook Page. We’ve all been there, and sometimes, it just feels good to vent. You can even be anonymous if you want. Real Oilfield Wives are pretty awesome. Just sayin’.

Bite Your Tongue. Marriage is built of compromise. Is it really the end of the world if he doesn’t put the dishes in the dishwasher the right way? Pick your battles, ladies. Sometimes, it’s better just to say nothing. If it keeps you up at night, go redo it after he falls asleep.

Exercise. A good workout can solve all the world’s problems. Maybe not, but it sure as hell can make you feel better about yourself. The endorphins from a heart-pounding workout will last for hours after you break a sweat, and good moods are contagious. You can’t fight with your husband when you are in such a good mood! Plus, your ass will look fabulous in those new jeans you bought while your husband was at work.

Call a Friend. Friends can always make you feel better. Leave the house and meet your bestie for coffee or lunch… I bet you will return home with a better outlook than you had before you left.

Retail Therapy. I’m not telling you to head out and buy a new car, but a new pair of shoes might help.

Go Read a Book or Catch Up on Your Show. I use this one a lot. If we just aren’t getting along, I will simply head on up to our room after the kids are in bed and read a magazine or book, while HGTV serenades me in the background. My husband stays downstairs and watches one of his shows or plays that damn Xbox.

Go To Bed. Sleep is good. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Have a Glass of Wine and a Dose of Pinterest. Perfect combination. Promise.

Play with Your Kids. I don’t know about you, but I know my kids can always lighten the mood. Play a game, take a walk, have a snowball fight, or go jump on the trampoline with them!

Laugh. Sometimes, my husband and I can be in the middle of a fight, and he starts doing the stupidest shit and I can’t help but laugh. Try it. Bust out your best dance moves, throw a sock at his head, tickle him… laughter can always break the tension.

Give Him Some Lovin’. Yeah, yeah. When your husband is being, well, a jackass, the last thing you probably want to do is get up close and personal with him, but who knows? A l’il romp in the hay might make you both forget what you were even arguing about in the first place.

And if all else fails…

Strangle Him. Kidding.

Sort of.

How do you get through those days when you and your significant other just can’t get along?

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